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Sometimes I get this yearning for nature. This need to feel clean air on my face and breathe in the gusts of wind. When that feeling rushes over me I grab my phone and look at my list of places I want to see in Helsinki and decide where to walk next. This time that place was Lauttasaari’s nature walk near the Helsinki city centre.

5 kilometre walk from Kamppi to Kokko-kallio (Kokko-rock)

Helsinki and its nearby regions have copious amounts of beautiful urban nature. The central park, Vuosaari, Sipoonkorpi, Nuuksio, and many others. I picked Lauttasaari’s Kokko-kallio (Kokko rock) as my destination as I had seen beautiful photos from the seashore there. The peak of Lauttasaari, an island just near the centre of Helsinki, is framed by these red rocks and the waves that hit them in a steady rhythm like a beating heart.

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The walk to the peak is 5 kilometre from Kamppi. If you are not up for walking the whole way there is public transport that takes you quite near to the destination, here is a link to the route. But if you are up for a day walk I do highly suggest you grab your walking shoes and head to Lauttasaari. You can grab a friend or your family and make a day out of your urban adventure around Helsinki.

Wear a windbreaker as it can, and probably will, be windy

This area, Lauttasaari, is an island that faces the sea. Which means there are gusts of wind that ring in your ears every once in a while. You won’t be blown over by them but you will feel them on bare skin. Which is why, especially if you are adventuring in spring, winter or autumn, when the weather is not warm, you should grab your windbreaker or wind-proof jacket.

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Once you reach the peak of the island there are nature walks just by the ocean. You will probably see families on their day walk, groups of friends on an activity stroll and photographers capturing the moving waves. The route goes all around the seashore and you will see the beautiful red rocks and some urban forests.

Enjoy the sun on your skin and admire the swans gliding on the water

The piece of the Lauttasaari nature walk I walked was about an kilometre long. Altogether there are roughly few kilometres worth of walk path by the sea. Which means that you can pick wether you want to walk the whole route or just a little piece of it.

I cannot wait to see this place in the summer when all the birds have returned and the weather is lovely and warm.

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