Telling stories has been a part of me as long as I can remember. There are thousands of embarrasing videos of a 4-year-old me telling stories to my father of my imaginary friends and the world that surrounded me. In the closets of my parents house there are also books that I made in the first grade. In those books a man, a woman and a dog go on adventures down and up a hill. Almost Pulitzer winning pieces I can tell you.

15-year old me had a chance to buy a scooter. All my friends had one so of course I had negotiated with my dad that if I managed to collect half of the money he would pay the rest. Nearer my birthday got the more my thoughts began to change. I had been an active amateur photographer with my small pocket camera and I wanted to upgrade it. So I asked my photography-loving father if I could swap the scooter to a DSLR. He of course agreed and that I am still on that road. Photography is the most familiar visual storytelling tool for me even though I like to make videos nowadays too.

In 2014 I moved to Nepal for three months. During that time I filmed short documentaries for a local NGO. When I returned to Europe it was my task to upload those videos into the magical land of internet, and especially Youtube. Which is why I had to come up with a name for my channel. When doing so I was thinking of the content in the channel; documentaries that are filmed by Heta. Documentaries by Heta. Hetamentaries. 

Over three years that channel was abandoned and the name un-used, until one night in 2017 I decided that it is time to put all my travel knowledge, thoughts and especially photographs into one place. Into a blog in which I can be a storyteller, life wonderer and look for that place where I feel at home.
I, Heta, am a collector of experiences. Journalist by day, (hobby) photographer by evening, video creator at night and a storyteller all the time. I am a budget traveller at heart whose travel diaries are filled with confusion, giggles and craziness.

I am trying to learn to enjoy life and laugh always when I can.