Who is Heta?

A human megaphone. An academic and a forever learner. Opinionated conversationalist. Traveler and someone who is always lost. Someone who will cry when David Attenborough one day leaves this earth. Emotional movie goer and quiet thinker. Walker who gets unnecessarily enthusiastic about butterflies. Photographer capturing the ordinarily extraordinary. Video maker who loves those mundane moments of life. Someone living in Helsinki and dreaming of faraway lands. 

I am all the things above and much more. I have yearned for the faraway lands since I was a small child under our kitchen table. Around the table the adults spoke in a secret language (read: English) I wanted to understand. Years later I learnt that secret tongue of adults and packed my bags and moved to Scotland. My years in Scotland elevated my traveling spirit and since packing my bags a decade ago I have backpacked in Southeast Asia, loaned my phone to a Nepali grandma on a mountainside bus, slept on a deck of a cargo ship in Thailand, observed the baby chicks in Kenya, seen lions mate in Maasai Mara and smiled at baby Macaques in Japan. I have spent nights in fancy hotels in Europe and found my perfect position on sofa’s of my friends around the world. I have learnt to love traveling both faraway and in my nearby neighbourhoods. I still love returning to the same places just as much as I do visiting new ones.

Over the years I have traveled alone and with friends, roamed the familiar streets of Helsinki and the found the new places to get lost in. I have appalling sense of direction which is why I have learnt to enjoy the thrills of getting lost.

Currently I live in Helsinki with my girlfriend, our house plants that we are desperately trying to keep alive and my copious amounts of unfinished DIY projects. I write about exciting adventures into faraway lands, the mundane journeys to a local fleamarket and the happy yey gay life that I live everyday.

Hetamentaries is the journals and stories of a traveling photographer. Amazing that you found yourself here and now, let’s get lost together!


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