A human megaphone. Opinionated conversationalist. Traveler and someone who is always lost. Experience hunter. Someone who will cry when David Attenborough one day leaves this earth. Emotional movie goer and quiet thinker. Walker who gets unneccessarily enthusiastic about butterflies. Photographer who never knows enough. Video maker who loves those mundane moments of life. Someone living in Helsinki and dreaming of faraway lands. 

What if you had to summarise your life to a CV-type introduction? What would you say?

I am all the things above and much more. Many years ago I ran away from Oulu, Finland to Scotland to study English and Film. I learnt the quirks of bartending, the life of a waitress and the insane life of a cinema staff. My degree introduced me to wonderful and weird films that I still love whilst my work experiences taught me to make balloon animals.

I yearned for the faraway lands since I was a small child under our kitchen table. I remember the secret language my parents would use when they wanted to hide something from me. That secret language became my passion. I wanted to learn it and use it. I am of course talking about English. About 13 years after that child became passionate about the language I moved to Scotland and finally got to use the language I so loved. Over the years I have backpacked, slept on a deck of a cargo ship, spent nights in fancy hotels and on sofa’s of my friends around the world. I enjoy returning to the same places just as much as I do visiting new places.

After I returned to Finland I ended up to Jyväskylä to study intercultural communication. My studies made my friend circle even more international and it strengthened my interest towards other cultures and what it means to communicate across them. I learnt new things about myself. Last year as I was preparing my thesis and planning my trip to Kenya I decided to start Hetamentaries. The first year was eventful; travels in Finland and around the world, coming out of the closet here online and learning to slow down in life and enjoy the small moments. The blog has given me an infinite amount of new experiences and I look forward to what is going to happen during the next year.

Greetings from our kitchen in Helsinki. Amazing that you found yourself here and lets get lost together!