Things to do near Jyväskylä: Picnic in Perttula Farm

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Perttulan tila

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Even though today it has been gloomy has this summer been one of the greatest ones I can remember. Does sunshine make you smile? As it does me and sunshine has always meant picnics. So in May I grabbed couple of friends and headed to the Perttula Farm in Laukaa’s Leppävesi. It was amazing to realise that this farm was just around the corner from Jyväskylä. After 20 minute drive we found ourself basking in the sun, surrounded by apple trees.

Perttulan tila

Perttula Farm makes you smileIMG_8181

The historic farm had the greatest atmosphere. The red barns, green yard, large fields and beautiful trees were amazing but the greatest aspect were the sisters, who run the farm; Riitta, Raisa ja Riina. Riitta and Raisa came to greet us and as Riitta stayed to prepare our picnic did Raisa take us on a tour of the farm yards. The fields glistened in the light and the large forest stood stoicly in the background. During summer the field is maintained by natures own lawnmowers; sheep. From the fields we headed into the dark and beautiful forest. I would have loved the forest when I was young. It made your imagination run wild. You could imagine a troll come out from behind the trees.

Whilst walking we had some unwanted company in the shape of mosquitos which is why we eventually decided to head back to the Perttula farm through the green fields.



Picnic at Perttula farm and the summer cafe

When looking around oneself you can almost feel the farms history. Perttula farm has almost 300 years of stories in its pocket. The trees reminded me of my grandmothers apple trees that I often tried to climb to. Between the apple trees we placed our blanket and sat to eat our picnic treats. Riitta had prepared the most lovely picnic filled with snacks and treats. Whilst eating we also listened to the stories that Riitta and Raisa had to tell about the farm.

Perttulan tilaOnce our stomach’s could not eat anymore we decided to go say hi to the horses. After my friends had greeted both of them was it time to pack our bags and head home. Whilst preparing to leave I was filled with the will to return. Which is why we chose that we would come back in July. In July the Perttula Farm organises a summer cafe which provided us with the perfect opportunity to visit the happy place again. Maybe this time we will see the sheep as well!

Perttulan tila


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