Top 10 things to do in Kenya

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This is my Top 10 things to see, experience and eat in Kenya:

  1. Maasai Mara safari
    Lions,cheetahs, leopards, sunshine, hippos and so many more animals. Day spent driving around seeing the wonders of the animal world.
  2. Giraffe Centre
    Always wanted to see giraffes up close? Maybe even feed one, let alone be kissed by the blue tongued beauty? In Giraffe Centre you can do all that. I wrote about the centre here.
  3. Ugali
    When you are in Kenya you have to try ugali. It is a local bread-like food. I had been fortunate enough to try it before, but you have to try it out!
  4. Maasai village
    You know what the Maasai people look like from popular culture, as they are probably the most known tribe for Westeners. If you get a chance to visit their village you definately should!
  5. Matatu drive
    The local buses in Nairobi are known as Matatus. A pimped up minibus, some with speakers and music videos playing on a big screen are something one should see!
  6. Mandazi
    If you know someone who knows how to make mandazi, marry them. Now. This is a Kenyan kind of like a donut, and it will make you gain substantial amount of weight, but it is worth it.
  7. Climbing a mountain
    Kenya has quite a few mountains which is why you should visit one. Some are easier to climb than others, some harder. We climbed Mount Longonot which was really tough for a slob like myself, but worth it!
  8. Java House
    I’m a Finn so coffee is important. Kenya, whilst being a tea drinking country, is filled with amazing coffee. Java House coffee cup sizes were just shockingly huge which is why the Finn in me loved it.
  9. Maasai Market
    In Nairobi you can visit Maasai Markets, where Maasai products are sold. Everything from earrings to clothes can be bought as souvenirs for friends and family. Or yourself of course.
  10. Chai
    I have drank the chai of Nepal and also the chai of Kenya. Even though the drinks have the same premise are they very different. Kenyan chai (tea) is sweeter. It is something people drink and as a foreigner you should try too!


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