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Here are some of the photos from my Glasgow trip. Part of me wanted to celebrate how I finally managed to travel without my DSLR/mirrorless and actually like the photos I took. On my trip all I had was my faithful Huawei P9 Lite. I am trying to teach myself that it is not the camera that makes a photographer!
Scotland, GlasgowGlasgow is lovely and rough. The streets are filled with stories and scars of the moments long gone.

Scotland, Glasgow

Glasgow’s People’s Palace is a wonderful place to visit. It is filled with random history of the city and its people.

Scotland, Glasgow

Necropolis was my favourite. Victorian cemetary with various kinds of tombs and mausoleums.

Scotland, GlasgowHad to take a photo of this as it made me giggle in my head. Someone had written “poor bastards” on a mausoleum. Oh Glasgow, you are eccentric and lovely.Scotland, Glasgow

Glasgow Cathedral is a beautiful church next to Necropolis. There is also the tomb of St. Mungo. Harry Potter fans have to now go google if there is a connection there. Scotland, Glasgow
Scotland, GlasgowGlagow has amazing street art everywhere. When you approach this art piece it looks like the man is squatting on a completely different business than mushroom picking.
Scotland, Glasgow

This mural has soul. I can feel his emotions. Can you?

Scotland, Glasgow
Leaving Scotland was as easy as all the other times I have had to exit the land of kilts. My flight was delayed by hour which resulted in a night in Amsterdam airport. Leaving an island is always just as exciting. Eventually I made it to Amsterdam where I stayed awake as it was too busy and bright that day. At 7 am I boarded the Helsinki plane. After a long night I was happy to know that Helsinki was only few hours away.

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