Giraffe babies in Giraffe centre | Giraffe Centre, Nairobi Kenya

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Giraffe babies! That you can feed! An animal lover like myself was Giraffe Centre one of the greatest experiences Kenya had to offer. Giraffe centre is in Nairobi so it is easy to visit when you are in the capital.

Safe home for the giraffes

Giraffe Centre The youngest, 6 month old giraffe children at Giraffe centre.

All the inhabitants of Giraffe Centre are rescuees. The centre was established to give a place for these animals and to educate the school kids and visitors about the dangers facing giraffes.

Giraffe Centre
You can find giraffes of many ages from the centre. The age range is from 6 months to 16 years. The giraffes roam freely whilst visitors can feed them from the side of their area.

Giraffes on a diet

Giraffe Centre A treat hungry blue tongue.

When you arrive to the centre you are given treats that you can feed the giraffes with. Use them wisely, as each visitor is given only two handfulls. Whilst feeding the giraffes pick one that you are feeding at a time. The exited giraffes can start competing for the treats if your hand is pointing at nothingness.

Giraffe Centre The giraffe in the photo was known for headbutting so I had to pay close attention to her at all times and not let my mind, or hand, wander.

Some of the giraffes might not always be in a friendly mood, like us humans. This is why you should concentrate on the animal whilst giving it treats. The giraffe in the photo had a very short temper and was known for head-butting you as soon as you turned your head. She is the matriarch and her age has made her grumpy, or maybe she always was, who knows. The employees in the centre are very good at their jobs and will guide you away from any unwanted attention. This way you might not even know that the giraffe you were feeding was getting annoyed as they have managed to lead you to another one whilst they care for the grumpy individual.


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